I once:
Won the bronze medal at 189 pounds in the Virginia state Brazilian jiu-jitsu championships.

Ate at Prince Charles’ house.
(Twice, actually.)

Made Dave Matthews and Steve Lillywhite pay a cover.

Toured Europe for three weeks as a traveling musician.

Worked as a security guard at a rocket-scientist convention.

Accidentally called the band that sings “Mexican Radio” Wall of Doodoo in front of 250,000 people.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Mike Nichols

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

My philosophy on advertising is simple.
Tell a good story based on honest-to-god human truth.
Some of those stories can be weird or funny or sad.

Do work that’s interesting and different and true and the eyeballs will soon follow.

I’ve been lucky enough to win Addys, Webbys, OMMAs, W3 Awards, FWA, Graphis platinum awards, gold, silver, and bronze cannonballs at the Richmond Show, Tellys, Virginia PR Awards (the only campaign in history to sweep the best-in-show categories), and I even ended up in a nice story in AgencySpy (back when AgencySpy had teeth).





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